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Title: 2014 Water Quality
Post by: Bonnie on May 04, 2014, 02:11:07 PM
Attended the Michigan Inland Lakes/Michigan Lakes & Stream Conference this past week. It was a very informative conference and I did extensive training on plant identification. This year a complete plant mapping of the lake will be conducted with the assistance of Dr Jo Latimore, MSU Fisheries & Wildlife, on site to help for a full day to ensure we are on track with correct plant ID. Some invasives (eurasion milfoil) look very similar to native milfoil and if we have any questions as to what we are looking at, she will be there to answer. Would you like to volunteer to help us with this project, got some extra time?, let us know!

 In addition, we are excited to help MSU with eDNA samples from our lake. A two year grant at MSU has assisted in the development of a eDNA prototype where water samples will be tested for invasive DNA, such as golden mussels or starry stonewart. 15 invasive DNA's will be checked by this eDNA test to see if they exist in our lake! The best part, this is no cost to our cottage owners!

 The staff of MSU, DNR/DEQ and MLSA are to be commended on the quality of presentations, variety of topics and information available at this conference! Kuddo's to all!!