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Title: Re: 2010 Annual CLMP Water Quality Report
Post by: klv2000 on June 14, 2011, 11:34:24 AM
While I can't speak for the referenced beachfront owners, it would seem to me any buoys would have to be in front of the public beach ONLY.  Why would any property owner allow one to block off their frontage?

And what is the purpose of such buoys?  Small children should already be closely supervised, and older kids will continue to go out further at their own risk.

Title: Re: 2010 Annual CLMP Water Quality Report
Post by: Bonnie on June 15, 2011, 07:22:03 PM
Our request is for the buoys to be placed at the public beach area only.  That IS what we are asking for.  I believe the township is thinking about the adjacent beach to the public area to be included in the permit as the general public overflows into this area. 

The purpose of the buoys is to ensure boats and personal watercraft stay out of the public swim area.  I know kids will be kids and parents should be supervising but that is not the real world is it?
Just this past week, a 10 yr old dove off the pier in the old South Park landing and has very serious injuries to his neck when his head made impact with the bottom.  His mother was present.  He is presently in DeVos Children's Hospital in GR. 

Buoys may not be perfect, but can improve the safety of the swimmers, old and young.  We sent out boater's safety guidelines in the summer newsletter which reminds everyone about the no wake zone 100 ft from the shore.  Unfortunately, three times this past week, I have witnessed violations.  All we can do is try to improve safety for the swimmers at the public beach area.  If we prevent one accident with a propeller hitting a swimmer, then it is certainly worth it. 

As far as the adjacent beach area, that is up to the owners.  I just hope the township officials make the effort to get a permit to put out buoys for the public beach area!