Hi everyone
  I see a lot of different goose fences around the lake the keep the geese off the lawn. Its not that we don't like them swimming around, its simply that they make a real mess of your lawn.

We know that 20lb fish line in an "X" and square pattern about 10inches above the boat hoists tops keeps the birds off. Its works because the birds are afraid of getting their wings caught in the string. Its nearly invisible and works great.

Same works for geese, Install 20lb test fishing line approximately 10inches above the ground from post to post. I use aluminum rods (because they can't rust) about a 1/2inch wide and bend them on a 45degree angle hanging over the seawall about 10inches. I hook mine up to my stairs and dock but not over it. So far they haven't climbed up my stairs.

The only issue I've had is my brother's dog tried to go down the seawall instead of the stairs and broke the string. Not a big problem, just retied it.

There you go, simplest, cheapest, easiest to install, nothing to mow around, nothing to move and best looking goose fence around.

Email me if you have any questions.

-Steven R. Meinhardt

By the way... you need to be a CLA member and vote this year on the goose roundup due to the new DNR rules.